birth story

Congratulations on your growing family! 

Giving birth is one of the biggest moments of your life  - no matter if it is baby number one or baby number fifteen!  the birth of your child(ren) is a beautiful story that you will be sharing for years to come.

Your birth story session documents all aspects of your birth - laboring with your partner, the moment your child(ren) is born, the first latch, and all the little details in-between. 




"I was scared to let someone into such a personal space. [Katherine's] professionalism and comforting nature eased all my worries. We discussed in detail what I was comfortable with and what my expectations were BEFORE entering the delivery room, so when the day came, I didn’t have to worry.

She dissolved into the space, weaved in and out of doctors, residents, nurses... she captured the essence of my delivery and I am forever grateful!"
-C. Snell