It can be heartbreaking to learn your new baby will spend their first days/weeks/months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I fully understand the feeling, three of my own children were born prematurely and spent the first several weeks of their lives there. As a former NICU mom, I feel strongly that the moments in the NICU also be photographed so they can be treasured in the years to come.
 I love photographing these miracle babies, they have such a big story to share. Every baby's first moments are important and I would be honored to Photograph your little one's.
I offer full sessions at a discounted rate for any family with a child in the NICU and am a volunteer with Capturing Hope Photography, an organization that offers FREE short NICU sessions.

tiny fighter

"[Katherine] did an amazing job capturing beautiful pictures of our newborn twins in the nicu. She was so great to work with. ... She also sent two little wallet hardback booklets of each twin with some pictures, that was so neat and thoughtful that she did that. If you're looking for a good photographer I would highly recommend her!!" -J. DuBray